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There were two kinds of watchmakers in the 18th century. Watchmakers were pushing the watchmaking industry to achieve precision timekeeping. It is still very important but there are other watchmakers like Pierre Breitling replica watches who want something more emotional. Pierre Breitling replica watches was inspired by the natural world, especially birds and clouds. His automaton creations reflected this spirit, much as we do today. In 2012, we decided to create a real wrist-worn automaton. The first Repeater was a huge success. It's still surprising that this type of watch is always in demand. It's what I call the "Art of the Astonishment".replica watches You feel as if it's the first time you discovered something. You're just like wow.

The Bird Repeater 2012

It is easy to want and achieve things as a child, because we are occupied with our families, finances and other issues that take us away from pure emotions. Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said that "all grown-ups are children but few remember this." Mr. Hayek Sr. also used to say "Keep your fantasy of childhood."

He was right. To have this kind of imagination, we have to remain like children. We created the Tropical Bird Repeater in this spirit. We wanted to make a watch that had a new automaton. It was something completely different than what is seen in the watchmaking world. It's an amazing piece of artwork. Seven animations are included: the waterfall in the background,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches three dragonflies, the peacock opening its colourful feathers and closing them again; palm leaves that reveal a toucan's beak moving; and the hummingbird which moves towards the birds of paradise and beats its wings 40 times a second.

Tropical Bird Repeater

What if you were a real Hummingbird?

Yes, exactly. A real hummingbird moves at 80 times per sec! It moves at a much faster speed than we can. Nature is, after all, nature.

Tell me how hummingbirds develop their wings.

Wings are built on a complicated regulator that moves by itself. The regulator we use is almost identical to the one you would find on a minute repeater. However, the one used in this version has a completely silent motor. Since we wanted them to be light, we only used gold on the wings. The rest is hand-engraved and painted in gold.

How long does the whole sequence last?

It's 12 seconds. It took three years to develop [this watch], because it is based on the original Bird Repeater. The case takes a month to engrave, and the dial is created by three miniature artists. All components are hand-engraved in gold and hand-painted. Breitling replica watches is a must! The Tropical Bird Repeater watch is amazing. Tell me the story behind this watch.