Main Activities
  • Identify market needs / opportunities;
  • Design a business model;
  • Develop a business plan;
  • Create business / company;
  • Define strategic guidelines;
  • Design a management system;
  • Manage the segment / market of products (goods and services);
  • Manage Human Resources;
  • Manage financial resources and investments;
  • Manage the processes of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Candidates with the 12th full year of vocational courses in secondary education and hold a level 4 professional qualification;
  • Candidates with CET / candidates with CTSP / candidates with a higher degree;
  • Candidates with the 12th year of scientific-humanistic courses who do not have access to higher education;
  • Candidates with 12th year of scientific-humanistic courses completed;
  • Candidates who have passed the specially appropriate tests designed to assess the ability to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, taken for the course in question, under the terms of DL No. 64/2006, of 21 March.
2 academic years
Curricular Plan
General and Scientific Training Component
Informática 34 hours
Inglês I 34 hours
Direito das Sociedades 45 hours
Technical Training Component
Marketing 51 hours
Internacionalização e Comércio Internacional 34 hours
Contabilidade Geral 51 hours
Empreendedorismo 50 hours
Gestão Comercial 34 hours
Marketing Digital 50 hours
Gestão e Planeamento Fiscal 50 hours
Análise de Investimentos 50 hours
Contabilidade de Sociedades 40 hours
Gestão de Recursos Humanos 34 hours
Comportamento do Consumidor 51 hours
Planeamento e Controlo de Gestão 40 hours
Empreendedorismo Social 45 hours
Modelo de Negócio/Plano de Negócios 45 hours
Marketing e Inovação 34 hours
Practical Training in Work Context