Prof. Doctor Letícia Marques Costa and Dr. Eduardo Castro Marques
Managers, Senior and Intermediate Managers, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Certified Accountants, Chartered Accountants and all those with an appropriate curriculum and regardless of their academic background, intend to develop their skills in these areas (holders of higher education will be issued a certificate Graduate Studies, the others will be issued an Advanced Training certificate)
An academic semester
On-site Regime

2023 to March 2024

Fridays from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Course Evaluation
  • Assistance and minimum participation in at least 75% of the duration of the curriculum;
  • Continuous assessment;
  • Realization and presentation of final work with tutorial guidance
Course Methodology
  • Teachers' theoretical-practical exhibitions
  • Availability of materials on the Moodle computer platform
  • Group work
  • Moodle
  • Case studies
  • Final work and tutorial guidance
Conditions of Participation
  • Taxa de candidatura - €95,00
  • Taxa de matrícula/inscrição - €105,00
  • Propina - €1950,00
Modalidades de Pagamento
    • Pronto pagamento - €1852,50*
    • Propina mensal durante 6 meses
      • 1.ª prestação - €420,00
      • 2.ª prestação - €390,00
      • 3.ª prestação - €330,00
      • Restantes prestações - €270,00
  • - Deverão ser pagas até ao dia 15 de cada mês de duração do curso.
  • * Não é suscetível de devolução, em caso de desistência por parte do estudante

  • Diplomados ISVOUGA: redução de 5% no valor das propinas
Curricular Plan
Module Teacher Hours ECTS
Individual hiring Leonor Monteiro 16 3
Collective Bargaining Vanda Caramelo 16 3
Salary Processing and Expiration Pledges Ana Covas e Letícia Marques Costa 18 3
Working Hours and Workers Registration Leonor Monteiro 8 1
Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases Rui Ferreira 4 1
Health, Safety and Medicine at Work Vanda Caramelo 16 3
Strategic Human Resource Management António Vieira 8 2
Employment Contract modalities Rui Valente 4 1
Recruitment, Professional Training and Performance Evaluation Eduardo Castro Marques 8 1
Interpersonal Communication and Happiness at Work Andreia Silva 8 2
Vicissitudes, Failure and Termination of Employment Contract Eduardo Castro Marques 8 2
Work and Social Security Rui Valente 4 1
Personality Rights and Harassment in Labor Relations José Amorim Magalhães 4 1
RAL and Labor Mediation Maria do Rosário Anjos 6 1
GDPR in Labor Relations Eduardo Marques 4 1
Artificial Intelligence Applied to Labor Relations José Amorim Magalhães 4 1
Applied Design Letícia Marques Costa 20 4
Total hours / ECTS   158 30

ISVOUGA Solicitors' Graduates who complete the Post-Graduation may apply to the 2nd Cycle of Law Studies (Master's) at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Lusófona University of Porto, under the ISVOUGA Academic Cooperation Protocol -ULP.
José Neves Foundation grant

Course eligible for application to the José Neves Foundation grant. See the Regulation here.