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Professional reconversion of active and unemployed people, providing them with the necessary skills to perform the activity of Consultant specialized in Sage X3, Distribution and Production profiles.
People seeking professional requalification in the area of ​​Information Technologies.
Mandatory requirement
Command, spoken and written, of the English language.
Basic knowledge of Production and Distribution - 30 hours
• Production Sequencing and sequencing rules.
• Production orders
• Evolution of ERP: what is an ERP, historical evolution of management software and MRP
• Purchases and sales
• General Accounting vs Analytical Accounting
• Contextualization of Portuguese companies' tax obligations

Trainees who have proven knowledge and/or experience in the area will have equivalence, and participation in this module is optional.

Soft Skills – 12 hours
• Interpersonal comunication
• Empathy
• Assertiveness
• Time/priority management
• Problem solving/critical thinking
• Versatility / versatility

Product SAGE X3 - 131 hours
• Sage X3: Overview
• Introduction to Sage X3 Sage
• Getting Started with Sage X3
• Getting Started: Common Data
• Getting Started with the Cloud
• Sage X3 - Bootcamp: Core Technical
• Sage X3 - Bootcamp: Core Financials
• Sage X3 - Bootcamp: Core Distribution
• Sage X3 - Manufacturing Consultant Course

Business Simulation - 12 hours

Certification Exam – 12 hours

NOTE: Parts III and IV of the syllabus will be taught entirely in English.
197 hours
April, 8 to July, 28
Theoretical and behavioral components: Wednesdays and Fridays
Practical component: Monday to Thursday
19:00 – 23:00
Online course

10% discount for:
• Enrollments made until March 18;
• ISOUGA* Students and Graduates;
• AETICE* partners;
• Companies with 2 or more employees*.

* Non-accumulative discounts
Applications can be made via email to or in person at the Administrative Services until March 28, 2022.

• Application form (download here)
• Curriculum vitae
The cancellation of the registration can be done up to 7 days after the completion of the registration and the student will be refunded the full amount. After this period, it will not be possible to refund the registration fee.