Technical Higher Professional Course is a new two-year higher education course that includes an internship in the workplace. Confer the Diploma of Higher Professional Technician and level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework.

Who can enroll in these courses:
  • Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification;
  • Those who have passed the specially appropriate tests designed to assess the ability to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, held for the course in question, under the provisions of Decree-Law No. 64/2006, of March 21, in its current wording;
  • Holders of a technological specialization diploma, a higher professional technician diploma or a higher education degree;
  • Students who complete vocational training courses at secondary or equivalent level in schools and other entities in network with an institution providing polytechnic education have priority in occupying up to 50% of the vacancies that are fixed in the higher professional technical courses it teaches and for which they meet the entry conditions.
Why this course is important to you?
  • Develop specific technical skills to start a professional activity;;
  • Provides higher level training; It gives you a diploma of a superior and professional nature; It is a training identified as necessary and, therefore, that provides you with good potential for employability;
  • Provide immediate integration in a work context, through an internship;
  • It gives you privileged access, and without having to take national exams, to ISVOUGA degrees. In addition, your study plan benefits from the accreditation of training units for this purpose (equivalences).
You can also apply for scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Science (Social Action).

Applications and Enrollments School Calendar Schedules


Daytime: Monday to Friday (between 9 am and 6 pm) and Saturdays (between 9 am and 1 pm)


1 Opening hours are subject to a minimum number of registrations.