ISVOUGA expects for the academic year 2020/2021, which is scheduled to start on September 16, to be close to two hundred new students, out of a total of more than six hundred students that ISVOUGA currently counts on. Despite the pandemic and its effects on the economy and society, the proximity of ISVOUGA represents, in this context, an asset and a sensible and quality option.
With regard to the application deadlines, due to the alteration of the exam schedule for secondary education, we have extended our application deadlines, which we have extended up to the limit, according to what the law provides, that is, the entire application process and enrollment is completed by the end of October.
In the next academic year, ISVOUGA will offer five undergraduate courses: Accounting; Business management; Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations; Industrial Production Engineering and Solicitors. A master's degree in Business Management. Two Professional Higher Technical courses in: Business Creation and Management and; Tourism Management.
Within the scope of its newly created IEE - ISVOUGA Executive Education, it will offer technological specialization courses and short training courses, commonly known as micro-certifications, in addition to its postgraduate courses, namely: Digital Marketing and e-Commerce; Human Resources and Labor Relations; Accounting and Taxation; Product Engineering.
ISVOUGA has defined, in its strategic plan, a wide range of measures in the short and medium term. In very general terms, ISVOUGA proposes to increase the training offer, creating a new degree in engineering and providing short courses in technological and other areas. Intends to invest in the area of ​​research. Enhance the relationship with companies in the region, with a view to, among others, promoting the professional integration of graduates. Modernize and dematerialize administrative procedures. Reinforce the notoriety and dissemination of the Institute and its training offer, namely and in the first line through the modernization of its website, already underway. Develop the internal quality assurance system. Without forgetting its dimension of social responsibility, which it saw increased in the year just ended, namely through the creation of a social action regulation and complementary support, as well as through the creation of a Psychological Guidance and Consultation Office for students, which continue to provide.
New Academic Year
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