On December 13th, an open class was held with Dulcineia Catarina Moura, on Territorial Marketing.
The event, organized within the scope of the Marketing curricular unit of the 1st year of the Degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, also included the participation of students from the 2nd and 3rd years of the course.
Dulcineia Moura, Postgraduate in Territorial Marketing, Doctorate in Economics and Professor at ISCET, is Executive Coordinator of Territórios do Côa - Regional Development Association. Therefore, she not only approached Territorial Marketing, but also shared the experience of Territórios do Côa.
Drawing attention to the importance of heritage and the preponderant role of local authorities, as well as the challenges of regional policy and marketing applied to territories, Dulcineia Moura began her speech with enthusiasm, in front of around four dozen students.
This was followed by the speaker's approach to territorial branding, emphasizing the issue of the territory's visual identity image.
Territorial Marketing, being a tool for regional development and innovation, implies a strategic marketing management oriented towards balanced and sustainable development, towards the competitiveness and specialization of agents, as well as the connectivity of interests.
Dulcineia Moura ended her intervention by sharing a case of innovation in tourism promotion, Vale do Côa.
The open class ended with a debate following the questions presented by the students present.
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