Main Activities
  • Develop tourism operations, namely cultural and natural, proposing itineraries and / or visits adjusted to the motivations and interests of demand;
  • Organize, monitor and control events, conferences and tourist entertainment programs and special programs for groups;
  • Develop management operations in tourist companies;
  • Develop marketing strategies in a tourist company;
  • Manage the relationship between tourism demand and supply;
  • Promote the commercialization of existing tourism products and services, design others that are innovative and adjusted to the motivations and trends of demand;
  • Coordinate specialized services within the scope of travel agencies, tourist entertainment companies and commercial departments of other companies in the sector;
  • Coordinate resources and work teams in the execution of tourist activities;
  • Manage an area, section, department or small business of tourist activities;
  • Develop tourist itineraries.
  • Candidates with the 12th full year of vocational courses in secondary education and hold a level 4 professional qualification;
  • Candidates with CET / candidates with CTSP / candidates with a higher degree;
  • Candidates with the 12th year of scientific-humanistic courses who do not have access to higher education;
  • Candidates with 12th year of scientific-humanistic courses completed;
  • Candidates who have passed the specially appropriate tests designed to assess the ability to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, taken for the course in question, under the terms of DL No. 64/2006, of 21 March.
2 academic years
Curricular Plan
General and Scientific Training Component
Inglês I 34 hours
Inglês II 34 hours
Inglês III 34 hours
Espanhol 50 hours
Informática 34 hours
Technical Training Component
Introdução ao Turismo 50 hours
Tendências do Turismo 25 hours
Património Cultural 50 hours
Introdução à Gestão de Empresas Turísticas 50 hours
Geografia Turística 50 hours
Animação e Eventos Turísticos 50 hours
Marketing Turístico 50 hours
Património Natural 50 hours
Normas Internacionais de Viagens 50 hours
Reuniões, Incentivos, Conferências e Feiras 50 hours
Practical Training in Work Context