ISVOUGA Executive Education

Created in 2019, IEE – ISVOUGA Executive Education arises from the need to invest in differentiating, relevant and attractive communication, focused on strengthening ISVOUGA’s Postgraduate and Advanced offer.

Executive training courses

The IEE is a training project of the Institution, aimed at highly specialized executive training courses.

The target is made up of managers and managers who are looking for specific, high-quality training updates, which enhance the consolidation of basic or acquired knowledge and experience, making their agents make a difference and stand out in the world of work.

A vast and complete training offer



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Instituto Superior de Entre Douro e Vouga

Fazemos parte da história
ISVOUGA 30 anos

Mensagem da Diretora

O ISVOUGA continua a ser diferenciador, nomeadamente devido à estabilidade do corpo docente e respetivos resultados ao nível de desempenho.

Adelina Portela
Diretora ISVOUGA


Instituto Superior de Entre Douro e Vouga

We are part of history
ISVOUGA 30 years

Message from the Director

ISVOUGA continues to be differentiating, particularly due to the stability of the teaching staff and respective results in terms of performance.

Adelina Portela
ISVOUGA Director