ISVOUGA debated Digital Marketing at the 3rd Center and North Conference

The 3rd Digital Marketing Conference in the Center and North of Portugal opened by Adelina Portela, Director of ISVOUGA, and Emídio Sousa, President of the Santa Maria da Feira City Council, with the presence of 160 participants, featured the intervention of 12 renowned speakers in Digital Ads, Web Analytics, Content Marketing and New Trends.

Marco Brandão, Technical Director of Digital Marketing at, João Henrique Costa, Marketing Director at Fiamma, Liliana Bernardino, Head of Customer Intelligence & Analytics at Sonae MC, passed through the ISVOUGA Auditorium on Friday, February 21st. , Marco Gouveia, Head of Digital Marketing at Pestana Hotel Group and Google Regional Trainer, Ricardo Bastos Dias, Marketing and Communications Manager at ALTRAN Portugal, Patrícia Soares da Costa, CEO and Branding Consultant at Marquinista, João Pintado, Head of Digital Marketing at PECOL , Ana Bicho, CEO at Adclick, Alexandra Carreira, Head of Marketing and Communications at JP Sá Couto, Jorge Jorge, Marketing Brand and Communication Director at Hospital São João; Márcio Miranda, Digital Marketing Manager at DELTA Q – via Skype, and Paulo Henrique Ferreira, Founder and CEO of the Brazilian company Barões Digital Publishing.
The strong point of the 3rd edition of the Centro e Norte de Portugal Digital Marketing Conference was the diversity and quality of the speakers, which included for the first time an international executive who brought Digital Publishing to debate in Portugal.
At the end of the morning, Volume 3 of the work Digital Marketing & E-Commerce was officially presented by Cila Correia, Director of the U.O. Unique Service and Modernization of the Municipality of Viseu, in the presence of the authors, coordinator, publisher and supporting entities.
Businesspeople, marketing and communications professionals, students, alumni and ISVOUGA teachers and students and staff from other higher education institutions attended the conference. The event organized by MKT:LAB featured, once again, the involvement of students, teachers and professionals from this higher education institution about to celebrate 30 years of existence.


Instituto Superior de Entre Douro e Vouga

Fazemos parte da história
ISVOUGA 30 anos

Mensagem da Diretora

O ISVOUGA continua a ser diferenciador, nomeadamente devido à estabilidade do corpo docente e respetivos resultados ao nível de desempenho.

Adelina Portela
Diretora ISVOUGA


Instituto Superior de Entre Douro e Vouga

We are part of history
ISVOUGA 30 years

Message from the Director

ISVOUGA continues to be differentiating, particularly due to the stability of the teaching staff and respective results in terms of performance.

Adelina Portela
ISVOUGA Director