Freedoms of expression, information and democratic pluralism, under debate at ISVOUGA

Today we had the honor of welcoming Domingos de Andrade, General Editorial Director of Global Media Group and Director of TSF, in the open class of the Communication Law and Advertising curricular unit of the Degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, under the responsibility of teachers Carla Marques Ribeiro and Susana Lamas.

Addressing an audience made up of students and teachers in a relaxed manner, Domingos de Andrade addressed the topic of freedom of expression and the way in which it is closely linked to freedom of information, with the corresponding rights to inform and be informed. He also spoke of diverse access to information sources as a “relief of journalism”, and respect for the impartiality and independence of the media. In his words, “the realization of freedom of information is only possible if freedom of expression is guaranteed”. On the other hand, “the right to freedom of the press competes with the freedom of the right to preserve the privacy of private life,” a duality that requires greater rigor in the exercise of the profession of journalist.

At the end of his presentation there was also an opportunity to exchange views with the audience and answer some questions raised by the students.


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O ISVOUGA continua a ser diferenciador, nomeadamente devido à estabilidade do corpo docente e respetivos resultados ao nível de desempenho.

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Instituto Superior de Entre Douro e Vouga

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ISVOUGA 30 years

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ISVOUGA continues to be differentiating, particularly due to the stability of the teaching staff and respective results in terms of performance.

Adelina Portela
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