Open Class – The Portuguese Community in France

Susana Matos Ferreira, Lawyer, Legal and Litigation Consultant in Family Law, Speaker on Family Law at various scientific events and Associate Member and Full Legal Advisor at the Industrial and Business Association of Valongo – AIEV, was the speaker at the open class of the December 11th, which took place in the ISVOUGA auditorium.
Addressing an audience made up of students and teachers, Susana Matos Ferreira addressed the topic of the Portuguese Community in France and the legal issues of marriage and divorce. On the one hand, marriage was considered, in its double meaning of state and contract, celebrated by people of Portuguese nationality in France and the resulting effects. On the other hand, consideration was given to the possibility of dissolution of this marriage in Portugal, through divorce, with the respective legal consequences, particularly with regard to the division of the patrimonial mass.
For the legal framework of the problem raised here, in addition to a theoretical approach, it invoked a complex judicial process that is currently underway, in which it is the principal representative, and distributed the procedural documents of the same to the auditors present for their analysis and respective opinion.
The open class was promoted by the responsible Professor, Carla Marques, within the scope of the Family Law curricular unit, of the Degree in Solicitors.


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